Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, is probably one of the best marketers out there, especially when it comes to creating what we call an “irresistible offer”. If you plan to see products online, you need to make your product so appealing that the consumer feels that it’s too irresistible to pass up. The following is how Russell Brunson explains an “irresistible offer”.

This is a concept that is one of the least understood yet one of the most important. It’s what we call, creating an offer. So, what is an offer? So here goes… if you’re asking somebody for their money, or their email address, or their phone number or their attention, you need to give them something in return, in a sense, you’re trading it with them, right? There is where the “offer” comes in. So, what is an offer?

An offer is completely different from a product! An offer is NOT a product!

Russell often offers the example of when he had his supplement company and he was selling supplements as an offer and there were people selling the exact same supplement Amazon as a product. We were selling ours for $67 a bottle and they were selling theirs for $19.95 a bottle. Why was Russell able to sell his supplement for $67 per bottle and not the other guy? Because Russell was selling an offer, not a product! Let’s break this down…

An offer is taking things and combining them together. Let me repeat that… AN OFFER IS TAKING THINGS AND COMBINING THEM TOGETHER! If Russell was just selling a supplement bottle, it would only be worth whatever it was and then people would go and price shop it on Amazon and everywhere else to find the cheapest version of it and that’s what they would buy. Here’s where it’s different when Russell is selling a supplement bottle…

Even though he’s selling the exact same supplement, if his supplement comes with a weight loss guide, a calorie tracker or whatever and are combined into a bundle of things, now he has an offer! The offer of that bundle of items is worth way more than the one bottle of supplements that his competitor has.

Most companies think they are making an “offer’ when they discount their prices but you have to get away from that kind of thinking because all it does is lose you money! You need to shift your thinking to what items can you bundle together and offer so that the customer will pay you more money?

The bottom line is, your ability to be successful selling online is dependent upon what you OFFER the customer. The offers need to be really good and irresistible. Consider Russell’s offer… he offer a bundle of stuff for what seems like a reasonable price for all that stuff, his competition offers one thing and it seems like it’s a lot of money.

Bundling is what often happens with physical products, but what if you’re selling digital products? You need to think about what kind of offer you can make that people will feel they have to have it! They’ll be thinking to themselves “If I give this person my email address, then I can have that thing I really want!” You’re creating value for people when you bundle things together and that’s what an offer is!

One thing you need to be thinking about is what’s happening prior to making your offer, like when you’re running your Facebook ad that will drive traffic to your landing page. Your ad isn’t going to say “hey, we’re a family owned business and we’ve been around for a hundred years, click here to find out more”, NO, becuase that’s a horrible offer, in fact it’s probably the worst possible offer ever! What would work better is if you were to say “Hey, are you struggling with this particular thing? This kind of pain or some other thing? If so, find out how we can get rid of your pain in the next three weeks!” There you have it! THAT’S AN OFFER! So, when the consumer see an offer like this, they say “what does this say?” and “how can I do that?”. You then tell them to click on the ad and take them to the first landing page in your funnel. And then, here comes the offer: “hey, if you want to figure out how to get out of that pain, I wrote a report that can help you”. You then go on to explain, for example, that it’s a six-page report that’s going to walk you through exactly the fastest way to get out of pain. So, if you give me your email address, I’ll be happy to trade you this thing. See what just happened? I just made them an offer. As with every kind of funnel, the bottom line is it’s all about creating really, really good offers and that’s how you provide value for people.

Now, you might be thinking that you don’t have any ideas for offers. For a lot of people, that’s true! The best thing is to just get ideas for offers by looking at what other people are doing in your same industry. So, for example, let’s say you’re a dentist, say you’re selling information products or whatever. You can look at what kind of offers other people are creating that are really irresistible, that are sexy offers. Once we find something that we think is irresistible, we use their ideas to create our own offers.

You start by looking and what’s offered on the first landing page and then click through their offer to see what else is there and how they’re presenting it. Then you see if they are upselling you anything. You’re just trying to get ideas for what other people are doing that might be successful and model what you’re doing after them. This is often called “funnel hacking.” Ultimately, you’re just trying to get ideas for the different ways offers are structured.

Now, if your funnel’s not working, meaning it’s not converting, there are a few things you have to look at… one, is that the traffic might be bad. On the other hand, if you’ve got traffic coming to your landing page but no one is opting to take advantage of your offer, you know right away that you have a problem with your offer. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your landing pages are, if you’ve got a crappy offer, you aren’t going to sell anything! So, if you have a crappy offer, you need to figure out how to make it more sexy!

It’s often a good practice to try out several different offers to see which one resonates most with people. You’ll usually find the one that the consumer is most excited about and that’s the one you run with. Once you figure out what your offer needs to be, everything else takes care of itself! It’s just that simple!

What I most want to leave you with here is that you can’t afford to be thinking about selling something as a simple “here is a bottle of supplements, do you want to buy it?!” That’s kind of like what happens on Amazon… you go to the product page, you see the description and the five bullet points of why it’s so awesome and here is how you get it really cheap and you can also have two-day delivery. THAT is not an offer!

So, here’s what you need to do… take a look at what you have to offer and figure out what value you’re trying to give the consumer? Think about it in terms of value on top of value on top of value! How are you talking about your offer in a way that makes them feel that every step of the way, they are getting more value and that they have to give you their email address AND their money! Think about what you can say that will get them excited about what you have to offer and then offer that!

Hopefully, you’ve found this to be really helpful and if you are creating your offers and are going to deliver them to the consumer, make sure you’re using ClickFunnels to help you do that because it’s the fastest and easiest way for you to present your offers in a way that is likely to get people to give you their email address and ultimately buy from you!

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